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If you'd like me to make a unique design or creative illustration for you, I'd be happy to discuss your idea This page will give you the information you need to begin working with me. ​


I had my first real freelance client when I was 17 years old, a gardening magazine that I still do work for even now! I enjoy being a creative translator for people to realize their design and illustration needs.

Please email me at for any inquiries.

PRICING is often one of the first things clients want to talk about. Same here! It can be difficult to get an accurate estimate without knowing what the project entails, so I ask a variety of questions up-front and then offer a rough estimate based on that conversation before beginning any project.

TIMETABLES are important for the creative process because they help both parties communicate important dates. It's crucial for me to know any soft and hard deadlines you may have before beginning so I can get you your beautiful work on time.

BRIEFS are a written explanation of what a project will entail. It's helpful when I receive a brief in the initial email so I can get an idea of what the project will be, how large it is, and if I will be a good fit for it.

BEST FITS for me will involve illustrational storytelling, creative brand identities, and character designs. I like working on projects with a strong sense of individual style, and tend to like work that's either feminine, made for children, education-oriented, or is just a little spooky (think family-friendly Halloween). Sometimes I'm surprised by what interests me, so always feel free to ask! Email a creative brief for your project to and tell me more about yourself and your project.


Looking for something else?


If you own a retail location, you can sell my artwork at your store. See my wholesale page for pricing and ordering information.


Looking to license my artwork for a product, campaign, your brand, etc.? See my page about art licensing for more details.

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