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100 Epic Days: The First

I'm aiming to develop most of a children's book over the next 100 days, and day one started me off well.

I had to drive my sister to her doctor appointment, so I did a lot of sitting and waiting around… with my sketch book! We first grabbed coffee and I drew for about 20-30 minutes, and figured I was done, but then got bored in the waiting room and doodled some more. I had to remind myself, “This isn’t time to be doing character design, just for getting a general feel for what the kids and other characters could look like.” I found a few that I like the look of and want to potentially develop further into actual characters in the story.

Day one, complete!

It's important for me to be done today now. I don't want to look at this again until tomorrow, because this is the start of learning how to run a creative marathon instead of starting off super speedy and burning out partway through. I'm done. This is my work on this project for today, and I'm done.

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