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100 Epic Days, Twenty-Six through Thirty-Five: Look, Ma, I’m Doing It!

Yesterday I was drawing on one of my spreads and I thought, "Man, this is easy. Why haven't I done this before?"

Not to say that making a children's book is ho-hum simple. It's been challenging in a lot of ways so far, and a constant problem-solving exercise.

But it's easy.

I'm not having to whip myself into shape to work on this book. I don't groan and drag myself in front of my iPad to draw. I don't feel forced. It feels natural. It feels good.

I've wanted to be a children's book author/illustrator almost all my life. Nearly 30 years (if I don't count my baby years) of wanting and not doing. And the doing is so much better than I thought it would be. Why did I take this long to start?

I'm just glad I did :) And I'm going to finish this book, and it's going to be wonderful to hold it in my hands.

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