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If you own a retail store, gallery, coffee shop, etc. and would like to make my artwork available to your customers, thank you! This page will give you the information you need to add my work to your lineup of goods. 


  • TO ORDER: email me at and let me know the names and quantities of the items you want to purchase. I'll send you an invoice

  • COST: Wholesale items are 50% off MSRP prices.

  • MINIMUMS: There is a 20 piece minimum order per item, OR a $50 minimum order if you want to mix things up.

  • SALES PACKAGING: Unless otherwise requested, products ship with their standard sales packaging so you can set them up presentably.

  • SHIPPING: For businesses in the continental USA, standard shipping is $8 per order, or $4 for sticker-only orders. For businesses outside the continental USA, email me and I'll figure out the shipping cost to your country.

A collage of my sticker designs.
My Strawbunny character sticker sitting in a strawberry plant.

Vinyl Stickers

3 in. single

Wholesale price $2.50

MSRP $5.00

4x6 in. sheet

Wholesale price $3


Art Prints

Wholesale price $7.50

MSRP $15.00

Greeting Cards

Wholesale price $1.50

MSRP $3.00

Ink illustration of a purple tree with heart shapes in its branches.
Illustration of a purple tree shown in print form with a woman holding the print in front of her.
A card design featuring a purple bird sitting in a heart-shaped branch. The card sits against a pink backdrop.
Ink illustration of a purple bird sitting on a heart-shaped branch against a yellow background.
Ink illustration of a blue fluffy cloud against a yellow sky.

Original Artwork

Available for display and sales, not at a wholesale rate because these are one-of-a-kind. You would get 25% of the sale price.

Books and Zines

Wholesale price 50% of MSRP

MSRP varies

Looking for something else?


Looking to have a totally unique and custom creative piece done by me? See my page about freelance work for more details.


Looking to license my artwork for a product, campaign, your brand, etc.? See my page about art licensing for more details.

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