Welcome to my studio!

I'm Hannah, an illustrator and designer who's working hard to dominate the world with my art. Wanna help? Keep up with my goings-on and encourage me in my journey by following me on social media and signing up for my newsletter!

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About the Artist

Like many artists, I've done art since I could hold a chunky crayon in my chubby baby hands. Those hands have held a lot of different art supplies since then, and in recent years I've settled happily into working primarily with inks. My core medium is drawing with POSCA markers and calligraphy inks, but I still dabble in a. bit of everything when inspiration strikes.

I have a strong background in fine art figure drawing, and so like to have elements of detailed realism in my work, but as someone who's always loved cartoons and animation, I like to bend reality a little. My style sprinkles in elements of Disney, anime, surrealism, ancient East Asian artwork, European illuminations, modern pop culture, and more to bring out a unique flavor that is all my own. Sometimes I worry that other people won't like it, but like food, it just comes down to taste. 


MARCH 18-20: GalaxyCon Richmond, Richmond, VA

APRIL 30: Shenandoah Comic and Toy Show, Harrisonburg, VA

MAY 27-29: IX Arts Festival, Charlottesville, VA

JULY 16: Fredericksburg Comic and Toy Show, Fredericksburg, VA

AUGUST 8: Guild Gallery Exhibition, Charlottesville, VA

AUGUST 20: Richmond VA Comicon, Richmond, VA

AUGUST 27: Fairfax Comic Con, Chantilly, VA

OCTOBER 15: Hampton Comicon, Hampton, VA

NOVEMBER 19: Richmond VA Comicon, Richmond, VA

Templates, art downloads, and more; from videos on my YouTube channel or just gifts I think you'd like :-)