About the Artist

I knew I wanted to be an illustrator before I went to college at James Madison University, where I received a degree in Graphic Design in 2012.


Circumstances led me away from that path and onto another, but recently I've been jumping back into my love of fine art and illustration. I would like to write and illustrate children's books, as those were what inspired me as a child to nurture my love for storytelling and art. I'm currently working on some ideas and plan to seek publication in 2023.


I believe that children's media is important, because it not only entertains, but educates kids about situations they might find themselves in, what the world can offer them, and how to have fun! Similarly, creating imaginative media for adults is important, because it can remind us of those younger days where we believed in the impossible and grew more every day. We should never stop doing that.

About the Art

My work has taken many forms over the years, but I'm finding a comfort in pastel surrealism done with acrylic paints and calligraphy inks. 


My strange color palettes and imaginative additions to my drawings often create a kind of augmented reality, with the fantastical and strange layered over images of the real world. I'm currently inspired by eastern Asian artworks that use delicate colors and line work, as well as pop art from the West, so my work speaks gently but boldly.

I've had numerous other inspirations, though, and all of them have informed my current art style during its evolution. Edgar Degas was my favorite painter as a child, and his ethereal take on mundane scenes behind the stage are still an influence in what I like to draw today. No artist ever creates in a vacuum, and as my artistic forebears led to me, I hope that people will use my art as an inspiration for their own.

Little gifts from me to you :) 


MARCH 18-20: GalaxyCon Richmond, Richmond, VA

APRIL 30: Shenandoah Comic and Toy Show, Harrisonburg, VA

MAY 27-29: IX Arts Festival, Charlottesville, VA

JULY 16: Fredericksburg Comic and Toy Show, Fredericksburg, VA

AUGUST 8: Guild Gallery Exhibition, Charlottesville, VA

AUGUST 27: Fairfax Comic Con, Chantilly, VA