Welcome to my studio!

I'm Hannah, an illustrator and designer who's working hard to dominate the world with my art. Wanna help? Keep up with my goings-on and encourage me in my journey by following me on social media and signing up for my newsletter!

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About the Artist

Like many artists, I've done art since I could hold a chunky crayon in my chubby baby hands. Those hands have held a lot of different art supplies since then, and in recent years I've settled happily into working primarily with inks. I have a strong background in fine art, so like to have elements of detailed realism in my work; as someone who's always loved cartoons and animation, I like to bend reality a little. My style sprinkles in elements of Disney, anime, surrealism, ancient East Asian artwork, European illuminations, and modern pop culture. 


MARCH 18-20: GalaxyCon Richmond, Richmond, VA

APRIL 30: Shenandoah Comic and Toy Show, Harrisonburg, VA

MAY 27-29: IX Arts Festival, Charlottesville, VA

JULY 16: Fredericksburg Comic and Toy Show, Fredericksburg, VA

AUGUST 8: Guild Gallery Exhibition, Charlottesville, VA

OCTOBER 15: Hampton Comicon, Hampton, VA

NOVEMBER 19: Richmond VA Comicon, Richmond, VA


Templates, art downloads, and more; from videos on my YouTube channel or just gifts I think you'd like :-)